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We are geared to provide onsite and remote support for any PC, Laptop and Connectivity problems. Log a support request below (preferred) or WhatsApp or email us.

How We Operate

Onsite and Remote Support

We are geared to provide remote support for most IT and Connectivity problems. For the inevitable onsite visit, we charge a call-out fee of R 350 within a 50 km radius. The call-out fee includes the first 30 minutes’ work.

We collect and deliver in a 20 km radius, saving you the trouble of coming to us and the additional expense of a call-out fee.

How To Get Support

What to do if you experience downtime

Log a support request using the contact form below (preferred), drop us an email or WhatsApp us.

Explain your request or problem in as much detail as possible. It is often helpful if a screenshot or photo can be provided.

We will contact you by phone or WhatsApp if we need more information.

We will provide you with a quotation to provide a particular service related to your request or problem or request payment of the call-out fee.

You can accept the quotation and get the ball rolling by simply replying to our email or WhatsApp message.

In the case of an emergency call-out, we will accept a cash or EFT payment on completion of the job.

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    Mobile: 081 778 4811

    WhatsApp: 081 778 4811