ICT Support & Services


We provide support and solutions onsite and remotely for any PC, Laptop and Connectivity problems for private individuals, home users, work from home employees, small and medium businesses in Roodepoort and adjacent areas.

We collect and deliver in a 20 km radius.

ICT Support for Local Users

The advent of the pandemic and resulting lockdowns, saw many employees starting to work from home. Protective measures for the COVID-19 pandemic erased many in-person jobs, resulting in employees who lost their fulltime jobs due to the pandemic looking for online opportunities to earn an income. We realised that this created a greater than ever need for fast and reliable support for home users, work from home employees and small businesses who do not have their own inhouse IT departments. Our response was to start a company through which we can share our many years of experience in the IT and Telecommunications sectors to the advantage of users, whether personal or business, in the Roodepoort and adjacent areas.


ICT Support & Services

Software Support

Troubleshooting of Software Issues

  • Email Support
  • Office 365
  • Office Programs Support
  • Basic Training in Office Programs
  • Upgrading of Windows (Authentic Software)
  • Anti-Virus Software Installations & Virus Removals
  • Printer Support
  • Installing and Troubleshooting of Software (Onsite & Remotely)

Hardware Support

  • Desktop Support (Mac & Windows)
  • Laptop Support (Mac & Windows)
  • Battery Replacement
  • RAM and HDD upgrading
  • Data Recovery
    Did your HDD lose its’ partition or did you just lose your data? We can help by running recovery software to attempt recovering your data.

Onsite Support

(COVID 19 Regulations Apply)

Home User or Working From Home, we got you covered. We provide support for all your needs – from your PC to your Internet Connectivity.

Remote Support

Assisting customers remotely with any technical issues – Software or Hardware.

  • Using Remote Services, we can assist you remotely with any software faults.

Network Support

Onsite Network Infrastructure Support

  • Installing of Additional Network Points
  • Installing of Cabling
  • Assessing the layout of your house or office to determine the network needs.

Connectivity Support

With the internet services as fast as the ocean there is bound to be issues. We got you covered, here at Uptime we will make sure downtime is the least of your worries.

We Provide Once-Off And Ongoing Support So You Can Focus On Your Business

Whether you are a small business or home user, we got you covered. Let us take care of your IT and Connectivity Issues so that you can focus on your business.